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Churchill Tyres

Are you looking to buy quality car tyres Leek without burning a hole in your pocket?

Designerd in the UK and manufactured in Vietnam and China, Churchill is known for producing cost-effective quality tyres. They feature high-quality materials imported from countries around the world like South Korea, USA, Germany, and Belgium. The brand also owns an on-site testing facility to build and test its own rubber compounds using advanced technology.

At Leek Tyres, we stock a complete range of affordable Churchill tyres Leek to suit every requirement. Visit our facility or order online in case you don’t have much time. We also offer mobile tyre fitting services.

Here is a list of Churchill tyre categories available with us.

Performance Tyres

These Churchill tyres feature asymmetric tread patterns and superior tread compounds for enhanced car handling and reduced rolling resistance. A short and low-profile sidewall offers precise cornering, while its large tread blocks facilitate better traction at high speeds. These tyres also come with a unique groove design for optimum aquaplaning resistance and fast heat dissipation for prolonged tread life. Some of the notable high-performance and UHP tyre models to address your “Churchill tyres near me” searches are:

  • Churchill RCB008
  • Churchill RCB009
  • Churchill RCB007

4x4 Tyres

Best suited for SUV vehicles, these tyres sport aggressive tread patterns and reinforced sidewalls to offer optimum safety and performance in on and off-road conditions. Also, their silicon-infused tread compounds enhance fuel efficiency. Choose from:

  • Churchill GRB009
  • Churchill RCB007
  • Churchill RCB008

We certainly also have seasonal tyres (summer-, winter- and all season) and run-flat variants available.

Buy Churchill car tyres Leek from Leek Tyres.

Please contact us on 01538387122 for more details about our tyre collection and services.